MBKA Beginners Course

The sessions have been split into a series of short-ish videos. Links below. You should be able to ask questions on each video in the comments box. Let us know if you can’t, or if you spot any other technical blips we should know about.

Links to the videos are below.
A link to the course slides will be sent to you by email.

We start with session 2, which was due to happen on 21st March.

Session 2 Part 1 Wax Comb in the nest

Session 2 Part 2 The Natural Nest

Session 2 Part 3 Hive stand, floor and entrance

Session 2 Part 4 Hive brood box

Session 2 Part 5 Hive Queen excluder and supers

Session 2 Part 6 Frame spacing, clearing supers, crown board & roof

Session 2 Part 7 Size options

Session 2 Part 8 Other types of hive

Session 2 Part 9 Forage

Session 2 Part 10 Siting an Apiary

Session 2 Part 11 Opening a Colony

Session 2 Part 12 The Beekeeping Year

Session 2 Part 13 What is Honey?

Now some ‘how to’ videos.

How to make up a frame.

How to make up a super box (or brood box).

Session 3, which was due to happen on 4th April

Session 3 Part 1 Introduction to opening a hive

Session 3 Part 2 Opening a hive

Session 3 Part 3 The sting

Session 3 Part 4 Bee Health

Session 3 Part 5 Bee Diseases

Session 3 Part 6 The Varroa mite

Session 4, which was due to happen on 25th April

Session 4 Part 1 Proc i’r Cof

Session 4 Part 2 Swarming

Session 4 Part 3 Splitting colonies

Session 4 Part 4 Artificial Swarm slides

Session 4 Part 5 Artificial Swarm practical

Session 4 Part 6 Combining colonies

Session 4 Part 7 Your first colony

Session 4 Part 8 Feeding