2 Replies to “Session 2 Part 1”

  1. Simon Thompson

    Hi Paul
    Many thanks for continuing to run the course, especially at such short notice. Reading the books is fine but it is much better to be shown.
    I have a small garden and the only place i can site the hive is on a raised decking area approx 1.8 meters by 2.8 meters.Do you think this area is enough for upto 2 hives.

    • Paul Aslin

      Yes, this should be enough space for two hives with space around them for you to work. The issue might be how close they are to your house or path or neighbour’s garden. When the bees are going about their normal business there would be no problem unless there is a lot of movement within a few metres in front of the hive. But when you open a hive to inspect the bees, you will be wearing a suit but they could become defensive and potentially be a nuisance to anyone else within about 10m or so. This is the time you need to be conscious of neighbours, passers-by, etc.


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